Caroline has excellent organizational skills and a good eye for product. She’s a real problem solver, too. She anticipates obstacles and she’s always ready with a good solution. Plus, Caroline has a huge amount of creativity and integrity and an incredible work ethic.

At Ariat, we always said, “Caroline is a helper.” She is very good at facilitating communication between internal departments and external design resources. For someone trying to manage the big picture, it’s extremely helpful to have Caroline who is on top of all the details and everything that’s important about the product you’re working to develop.
Caroline is also is extremely knowledgeable about fashion trends. She’s very observant, with a terrific eye for color, texture and materials, all the fine details that can make or break a product.

Caroline’s experience designing for a wide range of companies has been a great asset to Sperry Top-Sider. She has great versatility as a designer, and she knows how to relate her knowledge of market trends and design to the specific needs of our brand.

Caroline has set a new standard for timeliness and organization within our company. Everyone in our corporate sourcing team respects her work very much, and that goes for our factory partners in Asia as well. Caroline is also a total team player. She is passionate about her designs, but always adaptable.

Laforma has made an immediate, positive impact on our design and product development processes. Their team is stylish, articulate and in a short period of time, have integrated themselves into our organization. Laforma’s designs have been on-target and have pushed us to stretch the limits of our brand.

Being satellite designers, communication needs to be a priority. The LaForma team is very effective and clear in this area. They are prompt with follow through and not only strong in design, but also an asset in execution of product line development. Their knowledge of the footwear business, materials and fashion trends allows Red Wing’s women’s product to move tin the right direction while maintaining brand distinction.

Caroline is extremely professional and extremely creative. It’s very rare to find someone in our industry who can combine such impressive creative talents with very strong organization and product disciplines, and Caroline definitely has both.

She’s an exceptionally talented designer, has terrific interpersonal skills, and is incredibly organized. Everyone in my team really enjoys working with her, and because she comes to us from outside our company, she brings a fresh set of eyes to everything she works on.

What I liked about working with Caroline was that she had a very pleasing aesthetic and a practical eye. Caroline has a passion for design, but she balances that passion with great organizational skills. For a designer, that’s a great asset. Caroline is always very focused and very willing to learn. From an aesthetic standpoint, organizational standpoint, motivational standpoint, Caroline has everything working for her. She also has an easy demeanor that helps her work within a team. I couldn’t think of a corporate culture she wouldn’t fit into.

Caroline’s great resourcefulness and her many connections within the footwear industry have been of tremendous value to us over the years. In fact, Caroline’s industry knowledge has been inspirational to a lot of people in our company. We use her as a coach and a teacher. Are we asking ourselves the right questions? Caroline introduced us to more supple styles of leather than we had traditionally used, and recommended we make the transition from unisex to gender specific product lines. I feel that it’s been those decisions that have made Footprints so successful, and Caroline was instrumental in that process.

It has been a pleasure working with Caroline.  She brings a high level of professionalism, organization, and discipline to all her work, in addition to her creativity.  She is a good problem solver, and a strong asset for small companies that are seeking to grow and mature their processes.

I personally and Troxel as a team are extremely pleased with our design work coming from Laforma. We started working with Caroline de Baere and expanded that work from western helmet designs to English helmets to helmet bags.

Caroline is creative, quite reliable, and has excellent experience in materials. These skills have married well with our needs involving helmets and fabrics, leathers, micro-fibers and other soft materials. Her travels to Asia have also been a support to our development projects. We heartily recommend her for her creative skills plus her networking capabilities.